Teens and Celebrities

As we all know Celebrities are always portrayed everywhere in todays world: magizines, television shows, movies, ect. As a nation we seem to always have our eyes fixed upon these movie stars, rock stars, professional athletes, and super models and because of that we start seeing their sucess and popularity and eventually start looking at these people as examples or role models. This tends to happen more with the younger generation (teens) then adults, but dont count those stay at home moms out….

According to Child.net, “Teenagers often turn to their favorite celebrities for guidance in their every day lives.” Obviously teenagers are going to turn to someone as a role model or guidance and it can range from a sibling to their parents or even to those celebrities.

The reason I am going to be discussing the topic of Celebrity inpact on teenagers is because parents need to be aware of the impact this will have on their child, for the good or for the bad. Do we really want the teenagers of this generation to be looking up to Charlie Sheen? Or should they look up to someone more like Kurt Warner? Also it is very important to understand who the good and the bad role models are. The media loves to portray everything wrong with celebrities but not those who continue to do good and be a possative role modle.

Even though alot of people do not think that celebrities have that much of an impact on them or their children they could very well be wrong.  Lets look at what Child.net says about it, “In television, movies and magazines, celebrities are often portrayed drinking heavily or in excess. This can be harmful to teens that pick up on these behaviors and think it is normal to drink excessively like their favorite celebrity. Often times, the celebrity is not the best role model, turning to drinking without realizing their fans, in large part teens, are watching and taking notes.”

Alot of teens have the mind set that they have to be famous because they want to be just llike so and so. If they are like them they can be rich and have the most amazing life and it will always just be fun and games. They do not realize the conciquences if that celebrity is someone that is a negative role model compared to a good one.

The overall reason of my blog is so we can take a deeper look into what different impacts, negative and posotive role model celebrities have on teenagers.



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