The Harm Celebrities Have on Teenage Girls

Teenage girls need to be very cousious when it comes to choosing what celebrity they look up too. There is great harm in these young girls turning to actresses, athletes, rock stars, or other trypes of celeberties. In todays world when girls look to the tv or another type of media, they see celeberties almost non stop and look up to them. They tend to make that one person the “perfect person.” There would be no harm if a girl were to say, look up to Oprah and think that she is a great lady because she helps lots of unfortunate people. But what most young girls are doing is having an idea that their perfect celeberty needs to be a mirror image of themselves. Wither it is their beauty, personality, popularity, or anything else of the sort. The isssue with this is that when girls don’t see themselves to be this “perfect person”  they can become very depressed and it can have a large impact on ones self esteem. Another very serious issue according to Armen Hareyan from eMax Health is that “56 percent of girls and young women believe that celeberties tend to have perfect bodies.” Again this is a serious issue because girls will go to great extent to try and have the perfect body. Many will stop eating or even matters of becoming bulimic. According to Andrew Kim from “The celebrities and fashion models cause teens to think extreme dieting is normal when it is actually very dangerous.”For example fashion modle Ana Carolina Reston died at the age of 21 and was only 88 pounds when she died. That is crazy under weight, many girls may have thought she was the perfect women to become but the perfect women is now dead because she tried to stay so thin. Not only does this cause psychological health conditions but physical as well.

It does not help these young girls when in a boys eyes they want all girls to look like super models. This is real life not tv or Hollywood, most girls are not going to look ilke that and alot of the celeberties on tv only look as good as they do because of professional makeup artists. Lets face it teenage girls are constantly trying to impress boys and what boys put into girls minds is that they have to look like some one from tv or act like someone on tv. Girls continue to belittle themselves and think they have to act like some sluts from Jersey Shore just to impress boys. There are so many little tiny things that we see on tv or other sorts of entertainment that really does affect these young girls and they need to learn that they do not have to be these “perfect women” because they are perfect just as they are. To continue to put themselves through all this harm is not healthy. And if they look at lots of these “perfect women” they really are not people we should ever be looking up to because the way they live their lives is disgusting.

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