Celebrity Influence on Teen Drug Usage


I’m sure most of us can remember when the movie Pineapple Express came out. It was an instant hit with the younger generation. Seth Rogan is a very funny actor and this makes him very likeable. Well Pineapple Express is a movie all about weed. It makes smoking marijuana look fun and cool because when you get high all of these exciting things happen to you that wouldn’t happen unless you were high. It gives weed a very appealing look to it and they don’t show that it is actually harmful but fun and okay to smoke it. This movie is an example of exactly what child.net tells us, “Celebrities often cultivate behaviors that are bad, such as drug addiction, and make teens believe these lifestyles to be cool and exciting. Teens see their favorite movie stars or singers doing drugs and they think they should too.” Why do teens think they should also be doing drugs? The movies don’t show the repercussions most of the time of the drug and if they do they make it look exciting not deadly and scary. If it looks exciting in the movies the curious mind of a teenager will want to experiment. Of course when teens are shown the truth about what drugs can do to you like with Charlie Sheen they will not think it’s so cool because they can see the destruction it has caused.

Alexa Pozniak from News tells us that, “40 percent of teens in 2000 said programs make drugs seem OK.” It blows my mind that celebrities have this big of an influence on our young people. It’s so odd that these illegal substances can be portrayed as good things in movies. Using drugs in movies (although is fake) still makes younger kids want to experiment for themselves. Not only are movie stars having a large impact on younger kids but also athletes. Hoffman from Procon.org says’ “approximately 20% of high school age males and females suggested that professional athletes do influence their decision to use AS.” AS is anabolic steroid. Teens are influenced to use all different kinds of drugs from weed to steroids. Hoffman continued on to say, “The results of this study do not provide conclusive evidence on the relationship between sport figures and adolescent drug use, but they do suggest that adolescents are influenced by media exposure of their heroes using AS.” He is saying here that teens are not only using drugs because of star athletes but it is obvious that they do influence them quite a bit.

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