Celebrities Posotive Inspiration on Sex

The celebrities teens choose to look up to do make an impact on them and may shape who they become in the future. If teens are constantly watching shows or movies or even reading magazines about sex they will conform and believe it is okay to have sex whenever, with whoever, and as much as possible. Sex is a moral issue and is delt with differently by different people. Some believe it is okay whenever, others only if it’s with a person you love, and others not until marriage. Whatever your stance is on sex there are good celebrity role models out there that deal with sex for teens. Because people have different views on sex the role model will differ and that’s okay because they are all still positive looks on sex.


First off some amazingly popular celebrities that are true inspirations and good role models dealing with sex are Kevin Jonas, Tim Tebow, and Rebecca St. James. These three people are positive role models because they are all people that have or are practicing abstinence until marriage. They all believe that you should wait and only have sex with the one person that you marry. These are all very popular people that many teenagers look up too and seeing good qualities in these people compared to others may change a teen’s view on sex. With a large fan base I am sure these celebrities have impacted lots of teens.

For the people that do not believe in abstinence there are still other celebrities that have positive messages about sex. Lady Gaga is very active in promoting safe sex for the younger generation. GMA interview Lady Gaga and she said, “I want to get people started at home at a younger age with their children, talking about HIV, talking about AIDS, talking about safe sex” Lady Gaga is so active in promoting safe sex that she wore a condom inspired out fit on Good Morning America in 2011.

Although peoples views of sex may very there are celebrities out there to give teens a positive idea about sex.

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