Five Bad Celebrity Role Models

In today’s media world there are far more bad examples for teens then there are good. I will list and discuss five bad celebrities that should not be looked up to ever.

Miley Cyrus is our number one bad example; she has such popularity with younger children and teens because of her acting career and music career. Many teens look up to her as a role model and want to become just like her but over the past two years Miley has been getting herself into trouble. According to an AOL poll Miley,”The 18-year old singer and actress has topped the list for the second year in a row due to her scandalous behavior over the past 12 months.” What behavior has Miley been partaking in to make her the worst role model? Let’s start off with the teen choice awards when Miley won many awards and preformed Party in theUSA. While performing at the Teen Choice Awards she pole dances in front of a live crowd and millions watching on TV. That doesn’t set a great example. She has more recently been caught smoking salvia. Also she was recorded giving lap dances in a club. Miley has not been setting a great example for teens and should no longer be looked up too.

JerseyShorecast are going to be our number two worst role models. A life that is rewarded for partying hard, using foul language, getting arrested and having sexual relations all the time is not something that teens should be looking up to and think is cool. The people of the show are being rewarded and paid for the party life they are living on TV and send a message that teens can also party and have life easy. That is not the case and should not be looked up to by teens.

Lindsay Lohan easily makes it to number three. We all remember her cute face from the Parent Trap and later transition into movies like Mean Girls and Freaky Friday. Lindsey then began to hang out with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears two other very bad role models, and began a life of excessive partying. Her partying life led to drug abuse and drinking and driving witch landed her in jail and rehab. This is no example to be setting to fans especially the young and teen crowd.

Chris Brown makes the top five as the only male bad role model. Although what made him a bad role model happened many years ago it is still out in the media and continues to make him a bad role model. He was charged for assault and battery against Rihanna and yet Rihanna stayed with him. This is a bad example to teens that are dating and makes abuse seem okay and normal when it is not and should never be something to put up with.

Last we have Taylor Momsen who is only 17 years of age. She is lead singer of Pretty Reckless and actress on Gossip Girl. Tayloris an interesting character that is very out there with very scandals clothing, speaks quite shrud, and openly smokes. Because she is only 17 this is a bad example for teens who might say well she does it so can I. The most outrageous of Taylor’s scandals would have to be at one of her concerts she flashes her boobs to the crowd. Again this is not an example for teens to follow.

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