Five Good Celebrity Role Models

 Most of my blogs have been about all negative influences celebrities have on teenagers. Today we are going to talk about five good celebrities. These are celebrities that all teens can look up to no matter what beliefs or morals you hold, they are all good examples that teens should look up to.


Of course number one is going to be Tim Tebow. Most know him as the Denver Broncos quarterback but he is now currently the quarterback for the New York Jets. Tim is such an example because he is so different then most star athletes. Tim is best known for his stance on being a virgin until marriage and also the famous Tebowing (praising God on one knee). Saving yourself for marriage is not something many people do anymore and he sets a good example for the teens of this generation trying to be that example. Tebowing can be look at as a great example even if you are not a believer of Jesus Christ like Tim Tebow because what it shows is unselfishness. Most athletes today after making a big play or scoring do an absurd touchdown dance or put the other team down and exemplify themselves. Tebow gives the credit to God and not himself. He gives teens the idea that they do not have to act all “bad” to show they are a good athlete. It isn’t all about you. He is an excellent example of good sportsmanship witch is rare now a days. Also Tim Tebow is building a hospital in the Philippinesto help the sick and less fortunate. Tebow says “that the NFL gives him such a platform and he uses it to influence the next generation because that is his passion.”


Second we have Taylor Swift who I personally do not like but is a great example to teens because that is the majority of her fans. Taylorhas become such an amazing hit over the past few years and has grown with huge popularity because of her music. Tayloris a good example because she is young and despite her fame she stays away from drugs, alcohol, and smoking. Of course these are good things but many celebrities have these attributes but what makes Taylor stand out is her inspiration to young girls to work hard just like she did, also all the charity that she is involved in. Lissa Lynn tells us that Taylor “donated all the proceeds from her merchandise sales at the 2008 Country Music Festival to the Nashville Area Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and the National Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.” Also she donated 100,000 dollars to Red Cross. There are many other smaller charities that she takes part in such as inTennessee helping protect children from online predators, St. Judes Research Hospital, and Victory Junction Gang.


Kevin Jonas is my number three best role model because he recently was encouraging his brothers not to have sex until they are married. Depending on your stance about abstinence this could be a great example but what I see as the greater example for teens is that they most likely have younger siblings just like Kevin does. He was encouraging his siblings to do well and stay out of trouble and this is what everyday teens should do for their siblings as well. What a great example and good big brother.


Selena Gomez is also a great female role model for teens just like Taylorswift because she is young, stays out of trouble, has a younger fan base, and is extremely involved in charity. Selena is the youngest person in history to become an ambassador of UNICEF. “Selena has travelled to the Congo with the ENOUGH Project to witness firsthand the difficulties that Congolese citizens are struggling with due to war, poverty and conflict.” She is a true example that despite age you can still get involved and make a difference.


Last but not least Larry Fitzgerald wide receiver from the Arizona Cardinals. Larry is all about “giving back”. Off the field he spends lots of his time giving back to the community by supporting kids and charities for breast cancer. He is huge about helping the youth and their education even starting his own charity called The Larry Fitzgerald First Down Fund.


All five of these people are great examples for youth to look up too and follow in their foot steps as best as they can. Choosing good role models like these compared to the bad role models in my last blog can really make a drastic change in a teenager’s life for the good rather then the bad.


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