Men don’t have to fit the stereotypes to be considered a real man. Not all celebrities portray that a real man has to be violent, brave, independent, buff, never cry, or many other stereotype characteristics of a real man. I think one of the greatest examples is Superman himself. Christopher Reeves is the man that played Superman in the 70’s and 80’s. He was the man of steel and had all the stereotype characteristics of a real man. He was Superman of course he was a real man. Sadly on May 27, 1995 he had an accident being thrown from his horse and was paralyzed from the neck down. Superman, the man of steel, could no longer even take care of himself and walk. He no longer was a physically fit man because he couldn’t do much at all. Just because he was paralyzed did it make him any less of a man? No! He was still the same person just now handicapped. A handicapped MAN!

Someone for teens to lookup to before his use of steroids for a real man is Mark Maguire. He too was a very fit man. The reason he is an example is because he openly cry’s on television for something he cares about, sexually abused children. He does lots of charity work to prevent child abuse. The media say’s real men don’t cry? Sherri Rosen a writer for The Good Man Project says, “I raised four boys. The culture told me and them that it wasn’t okay to cry. I said to the boys” **** the culture, its okay for you to cry.” How could I have possibly raised four healthy boys into men if they couldn’t cry?” It is healthy and normal for men to cry that way they do not emotionally shutdown. In my eyes as long as you are a male, you are a real man. It doesn’t matter if you’re strong, brave, independent, caring, emotional, fat, nerdy, violent, or anything else you are still a true man.

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