Most of us have seen Jackass and if not at least have heard of it. Jackass is a show of men how do wild stunts and hurt themselves in extreme ways to get a good laugh from their audience. I believe that teens who watch this show are being influenced to do these wild stunts that can cause serious injury or even death if done incorrect. Although in every episode or movie Jackass has produced it has a clear warning at the beginning for views not to reenact what they are about to see that it can cause serious injury or death. Lets be honest here, hearing something like that may make a teen to go out and reenact it even more because rebellion is in our nature. We may not ever want to do something but as soon as someone says not to do well now we want to do it just to be rebellious. These stunts shown on Jackass are a lot more serious so they aren’t preformed by lots of teens just the really rebellious ones. They see it on TV and think it’s so funny and so cool but don’t think what can go wrong.

There are many cases where mostly teenage boys are reenacting these stunts and hurt themselves or their friends. For example, “Michael Smith had been using his SUV to tow friend Cameron Bieberle who was sitting in a shopping trolley at up to 42mph.” this was a pretty cool stunt to watch on the show. I got a great laugh from it. But nobody was laughing when Smith reenacted it and killed his friend. Bieberle’s father told theFlorida newspaper his son had been watching Jackass on television and thinks the show had ‘absolutely something to do with the accident.’

Jackass although funny for entertainment purposes can become very bad in influencing teens and being a root cause of serious injury and even death to many. Jackass is a bad example and teens should not look up to it or ever try and copy it.

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