What’s Needed to be a Good Role Model

 Many people have different views on what makes a good role model. But in order for a celebrity to be a good role model there always has to be the one most important thing and that is positive choice making. Dr. Robyn Silverman say’s that positive choice making is important because, “Little eyes are watching and little ears are listening. When it comes to being a role model, you must be aware that the choices you make don’t only impact you but also the children who regard you as their superhero.” When celebrities are being a role model witch all of them are because they are in the Hollywood spot light they need to be careful of what they are doing because there are always people watching and celebrities need to be more careful then others because the camera is constantly on them. One little mistake and it is all over the news in an hour. Because positive choice making is the most important part of being a role model is why Selena Gomez is such a good example. In my 5 top celebrity role models blog I talked about how she realizes her fans look at every move she makes and is extra cautious because of it.

Making good choices also helps lead kids in the right direction from staying away from drugs, alcohol, ect. So in order for someone to be a good celebrity they have to make good life choices themselves and also encourage the youth to follow in their footsteps.

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